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Our services

We provide information around the classic car: Blog, articles, spare parts, model histories and a library of documentation sources that we constantly keep alive in a dynamic way.

We provide information for the acquisition of spare parts or the purchase of your classic car. If you are working on your classic car project, we help you in the purchase of spare parts or we advise you if you want to acquire a unit of any model.

CLICK HERE: We rent you our vehicles. Contact us and we will be for sure able to help you.

JG Classics aims to be an open, free and transparent information exchange site. We therefore maintain a zero clickbait policy: . . We do not insert misleading, sensationalist or biased headlines. We do not insert surreptitious advertising, pop-up windows, or any other method of artificially retain of users.

Information around the classic car world: Open, free and free of charge.

There are communities of users, amateurs, professionals or clubs that have been working very hard for years to achieve goals and make this activity possible. Groups that always have their doors open to offer their knowledge and help: To all of them, our most sincere respect and admiration.

But at the same time, there is a parallel situation of many people who have great difficulty in accessing such information. And in most – if not all – cases, it is simply because they don’t know where to look for it, or don’t even know that such information exists.

During the time I’ve been in this activity, I can’t remember how many times I’ve witnessed a discussion about a certain tightening torque, mounting dimensions, debates about whether “model X carries the reference A, B or C for such replacement” or any similar conversation. Endless discussions, and the funnniest of it, considering that all the information being discussed was in the model’s workshop manuals. Manuals, or direct references that someone posted on an internet site somewhere on the planet and are available for anyone who wants to see. However, many passionated people are unaware of its existence.

You can visit the links to sites with technical information. This page is updated periodically with new entries. You can also see the articles page where we publish periodically.

The second part of the difficulty in finding information – in Spain, at least – is access to classic car parts. In the particular case of Spain, there are many suppliers, it is true. But there are also those outside the country, some with a very high level of specialization in specific brands, and that ship to any point on the planet. But once again, I have heard from many people who were unaware of its existence. Returning to the case of Spain, and from my experience, the big problem for many people is:

    • Knowing that the supplier(s) exist (and where to locate them)
    • The language barrier (WEBs in languages not spoken by the potential purchaser).

I invite you to take a look at this page with links to suppliers. Contact me if you need any special clarification for language issues or any other topic.

The objective of JG Classics

Therefore, a service that we want to provide from JG Classics is, as we have already mentioned, the free and open access to all the information we can provide. We can provide this in four ways:

    • Our blog of articles where we will regularly create new publications that we believe may be useful.
    • Our pages link to technical and commercial sites or sources of information. In other words, which kid of things you can find, where you can buy, and what associations we consider interesting to contact. It is important to mention that JG Classics has absolutely NO business relationship with the link owners or providers beyond the same relation that any person or entity may have as a supplier, customer, or partner.
    • You can contact us directly: We will be happy to answer any classic car related questions you may have or drive you to anyone who can help you.
    • Our pages on social networks
      , o Pinterest, where we publish everything we think may be of interest and where we belong to groups of users really knowledgeable about their models/types of classic cars with which to collaborate (collaboration in which we always try to give and offer above all).

JG Classics: Non-invasive user interaction policy - No CLICKBAIT

If you have visited the pages of this portal,, you will have already been able to observe that there are no “false clicks” behind the links, nor pop-up windows, nor request of previous data to the access to the pages/articles, nor hidden advertising, nor hidden redirections. You will have noticed that all pages are available and open.

This is part of the philosophy of JG Classics: Although we have a commercial product such as the rental of our vehicles, our objective on the portal is to to provide truthful, honest and contrasted information about the classic car in a free and open way. No restrictions, no partial or biased information, and no false or sensationalist headlines.

Here you will not find headlines like “read to the end, you will be surprised”, neither “beware of new regulations that can bring you out of circulation“, nor the -unfortunately- usual in many portals and even in the ‘traditional’ press. “Carrying this in your car can cost you a fine of up to NNN€ from next month” (*). We don’t want to be “yellow press” and we are not looking for clickbait on our web site.

We do not want to either hide information about suppliers of material in order to act as intermediary in your purchases and artificially increase the price of a product. Of course not: if we find a material which looks interesting, we share directly the source and the information of where we have acquired it so you can find it directly there. So simple as this.

In the classic car community, same as in any other one, the sources of information are virtually endless and we are aware that ours is only just one more small contribution.

But we are constantly working to make this contribution a little bit bigger and bigger every day.

(*) One of the last ones I saw appeared twice in a few days in a national newspaper. It spoke in big headlines of the 200 euros you could be fined “for carrying an air freshener hanging from the rearview mirror of your car” (sic). This was the title. Then within the article it already specified the obvious: that the fine was really only if you were carrying some objec that obstructed your outside visibility through the windscreen -something that , e.g. 20 years ago, it was also the case-. But the distorted header title is there and a few thousand of useless clicks keep giving money to the publisher thanks to the occurences of their WEB ads.

Your classic project: Do you have a restoration in progress or a purchase?

If you are in the process of restoring/reconditioning/repairing your classic car of your classic car and you need
technical information
spare parts
or anything you can’t find, you can visit this site. If you don’t find what you are looking for,
contact us at
. We will get the information for you about what you may be searching.

If you are in the process of acquiring a classic vehicleIf you have any additional comments to help you make a decision, please contact us. We will give you our most honest and open opinion based on our experience. Of course, if the vehicle you want to buy is the same model of any of the vehicles we have, we are at your disposal to share with you all the history of interventions, repairs, restoration, known problems and their resolutions. We want all our background knowledge with our models to be yours as well.

Non-interference policy

In the event that we advise you in any operation of purchase/exchange/acquisition of a classic vehicle, JG Classics is formally committed to:

      • Give you our best opinion in good willing and up to the best of our knowledge based on our experience, in an open and free manner without representing any kind of official evaluation of the car unit to be purchased. Our recommendation will always be to take our opinion but also to cross check with other sources of information or experts close to you.
      • Respect your privacy and the seller’s one, even if you share with us some data related to the transaction.
      • A policy of zero interference in the transaction: in other words, our support will NOT interfere at all in the negotiations you may have with your seller or in the commercial transaction you carry out with him/her.

We currently have six classic and/or historic cars -(click HERE to see them) with more in the pipeline. Some of them have a special relevance because of their aesthetics, because of how iconic the model is, or sometimes because of both. We keep them in a perfect state of restoration and conservation. We invest a lot of time and resources in keeping our vehicles in perfect condition.

These vehicles can be rented. They are currently available for special events, filming, photo sessions, commercials ads, exhibitions, atrezzos or similar. However, we are working to expand the coverage of this service and in the near future, make them available as open rental without driver. All our vehicles have all the documentation and technical inspections up to date and are suitable for driving on public roads.

If you need one of our cars for any event, please contact us. Tell us your need and we will offer you a vehicle in very good conditions.

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