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“…You won’t win races, but you will win hearts.”

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Come with us into the world of classic cars

Classic and historic car rental, technical and commercial information, blog, news, clubs, associations and events.

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Coches clásicos alquiler

Classic car rental per hour

08 December 2023: If you want to rent one of our classic cars for a one-hour photo session, here you have some very affordable rates.

man standing beside freeway road

Can a classic car be full-coverage insured?

November 26, 2023: What requirements do I need to be able to do it? How much is classic car insurance costs? Here you will find answers.

10º Encuentro coches clásicos Montmeló 2023 - MGA

Classic car rental price list

19 October 2023: Updated rental price list of our cars (photos, filming, exhibitions, etc.)

Renault 4CV techo practicable visto desde el interior

Renault 4 CV (4/4)- History

26 July 2023: Few days ago an amazig video about the Renault 4CV appeared in “Documentos del Motor”. I’m sure you will like it.

Renault 4CV. Vista delantera faro antiniebla MARCHAL

Club Amigos Renault 4/4

26 July 2023: I share with you a link to the top reference club in Spain around Renault 4CV: Club Amigos Renault 4/4

The experience of owning a classic car

Javier Guevara
Javier Guevara

Owning a classic car is a different experience: A modern car is a means to travel. However, a classic car, is the journey itself. You don’t want to get features but you want to get emotions and experiences.

As stated by a German car during the test of a Karmann Ghia: “Don’t expect to win races, but you will win hearts.don’t expect to win races, but you will win hearts.“.

From JG Classics we want to bring you closer to the world of classic and historic cars.

We want you to experience the same emotion as we do every time we touch one of these machines. We want to help you to become true your dream of starting your classic car. We want to share our experience to give you the support you need.

We want to bring you closer to clubs, groups, communities of friends and forums.

And finally, we want to put at your disposal any of our vehicles for you to enjoy in that special occasion or event.

Ready? 🙂 🙂

We support you on the restoration of your classic car.

Whatever the purpose of your restoration, you have our expertise and information available to help you successfully complete your project. We can suggest suppliers, materials, or tested techniques.

Classic cars: Do you want to buy one?

We can help you find the model you want. We can get you in touch with experts in your preferred model, help you make a good purchase, as well as give you the best advice based on our experience.

We rent you our vehicles

For a special occasion, or if you need a classic vehicle for your photo shoot, filming or advertising. We can collaborate with design schools, catalog layout artists, fashion professionals. Contact us, we are sure we can help you.

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We want to share our experience. We want to share our vehicles

Throughout several years of acquiring, repairing, restoring and collecting classic cars, we have been accumulating large amounts of information, documentation, contacts, references of great professionals, and contacts of passionated people.

We have made many friends along the way. Now we believe it is time to share all this information with you, with all the people who are as well passionate about the world of classic cars. With those ones who are already introduced to this world, and also with those who are thinking of doing so.

To all of them we want to offer our best, and to all of you we are grateful in advance for all that we will certainly learn from you.


Do you have questions?

If you need any information, or just simply curious about any of our services, or you want to talk, feel free to contact us. We look forward to meet you.

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