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Classic car rental per hour

08 December 2023: If you want to rent one of our classic cars for a one-hour photo session, here you have some very affordable rates.

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Can a classic car be full-coverage insured?

November 26, 2023: What requirements do I need to be able to do it? How much is classic car insurance costs? Here you will find answers.

10th Montmeló 2023 Classic Car Meeting - MGA

Classic car rental price list

19 October 2023: Updated rental price list of our cars (photos, filming, exhibitions, etc.)

Renault 4CV sunroof seen from the inside

Renault 4 CV (4/4)- History

26 July 2023: Few days ago an amazig video about the Renault 4CV appeared in “Documentos del Motor”. I’m sure you will like it.

Renault 4CV. Front view fog lamp MARCHAL

Club Amigos Renault 4/4

26 July 2023: I share with you a link to the top reference club in Spain around Renault 4CV: Club Amigos Renault 4/4

Renault 4CV_Carpet

Taylor made mat for classic cars

24 July 2023: A discovered supplier specialized in classic car carpets (France). Great value for money.

MGB Interior

MGB - Starting final phase

July 1, 2023: The MGB begins to take shape after several months of work. Come with us to see its current status.

rubber profiles for classic cars

Rubber profiles for classic cars

June 21, 2023: This is a frequently asked question. Here is a link to a supplier in Valladolid (Aranda)

Upholstery fabric for classic cars

Upholstery fabric for classic cars

8 June 2023: List of suppliers updated with one of them found in Germany: Fabrics of specific classic models for upholstery.

Opel Manta GTE. Available for rental, photos, filming, footage.

Opel Manta

7 June 2023: Our Opel Manta GT/E. Includes history and model information.

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