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BMW 323i E21 1981 Barcelona Maresme. Classic car rental BMW Barcelona

BMW 3 series E21 Technical data

BMW E21 - Data sheet (315, 316, 318, 318i, 320, 320i, 323i)

1 - Engine characteristics (BMW E21)

2 - Transmission, Brakes and Suspension (BMW E21)

(*) Options: Manual 4V – Manual 5V (Overdrive-Eco/Sport options) – Automatic 3V

3 - Values/Info settings, maintenance and check (BMW E21)

Oil consumption check (BMW E21)

Oil consumption can be measured after the engine has covered about 7500kms after rebuilding. Until then, it cannot be considered as stabilized.

The engine should not show oil leaks.

Maximum acceptable oil consumption: 0.15 liters/100kms

To evaluate oil consumption:

  1. The value of oil consumption should be determined by weight (and not by volume).
  2. Drain the oil from the vehicle at operating temperature. Emptying takes about 5 minutes.
  3. Fill with new oil (weigh the amount of oil filled).
  4. Drive the vehicle for 1000 kms.
  5. Drain the oil at service temperature (5 minutes of draining).
  6. Weigh the oil obtained.

(Consider the density of the oil at room temperature as 0.9)


Oil filled
4500 grams – Drained oil obtained after 1000kms: 3600 grams

Oil consumed
900 grams (considering density 0.9 => 1000 cc (1 liter oil 1000 kms => 0.1 l/ 100kms OK).

Possible causes of excessive oil consumption:

  • Engine break-in not completely done.
  • Defective or damaged valve stem seals.
  • Piston/cylinder clearances.
  • Piston rings damaged or incorrectly assembled.
  • Excessive clearance between valve guide and valve stem.

4 - Tightening torques (Torque) Engine (M20 6 cylinders) - BMW E21 320/6 - 323i

(*) Tighten crosswise starting from the center to the ends and tightening in two stages.
(**) First tightening at 20 Nm. Tighten a second time to 70 degrees. Give a third tightening to 70 degrees more. If disassembled, DO NOT reuse screws: use new screws for reassembly.
(***) With cold engine

BMW 323i e21

5 - Dimensions and weight (BMW E21)

6 - Performance / Fuel capacity (BMW E21)

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